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That Certain Age (2004)
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Elizabeth Buchan
Publication Date 01.07.2004
Format Paperback (126 x 112 mm)
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Barbara and Siena - two women living fifty years apart. Both constrained by choice; one has too little and one has too much.

Siena, a 21st century woman, has so far managed to avoid the tick of the biological clock - her high-powered career as a stylist, making over a succession of tired, fraught housewives, has given her a horror of the toll a family can take on a woman. Without children she can control her own wonderful, ordered life. Only thing is, her husband Charlie longs for a baby.

In 1959, Barbara is married to Ryder, an airline pilot, for twenty-four years. Her life revolves around her house and family and she is happy that it is that way. Then, she meets the young and brilliant Alexander who tells her that she has a mind and a life of her own. And, to her astonishment, Barbara is seduced into a different way of thinking.

The intimate, inner lives of two women - destined never to meet, yet strangely linked - are woven together as they struggle to find resolution - between the families they love and their own desires

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ISBN 0141018062
Cover Price 5,99 €
Nr of Pages 400
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